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we know it's been awhile, and we're sooo sorry for that. What with school, graduating, and those bleep bleeps on Good Reads, well we've just been chalk full of busy shite to do lol. But we're back, and we've got some delish reviews for you. Sit for a spell, and have at it.

Leeli :)

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Now...on with the June Reviews...

Design on a Crime by Ginny Aiken

Four Star Review

Review by  Katriva Davies

I truly loved this book!

It was smart, funny, and very uplifting. The main character Haley is struggling with her faith. Prior to the books opening, she’s attacked at college, and now four years later, with less faith in god, and the ramifications of an evil ex who tortured her, she is trying to move on with her life. Her best and closest friend Marge is suddenly murdered, and it’s looking like Haley did it! She stands to inherit Marge’s vast fortune, and now it’s up to Haley to prove her innocence.

I personally loved the struggle she had with her faith, because when life’s big, and sometimes harrowing events happen us, like the humans we are, we ask the question, “Where was God,” in all of this.

If you don’t mind books with spiritual overtones, this is the book for you. I highly recommend it. The mystery aspect of it was awesome too, and Ms. Aiken weaves a awesome story.

Well done Ms. Aiken, I look forward to more books from you…:) 

Grave Reviews; Hannah by Alexandria Infante

Four Star Review

Review by Sarah Evans

I just love this cover!

I really like this author’s writing style.

Hannah is a book reviewer, how doesn’t know when to quit! Lol, a bit like us here lol.

She writes for the New York Times, and as they say, “Tells it Like it Is,”. Well so not so gracious authors are very unhappy with her, and reviewers start dropping like flies!

Dect. O’Malley, the awesomely hot cop that he is, now must protect Hannah, because it seems that she is next on the list.

I really gravitated towards this little short. It was funny, sexy, and the you just have to love the characters. Jordy, all SoHo, Mellie, sweet down home southern girl, and Kendrick the chocolate dream. The book is packed with action, and some of the crime scenes are a bit gruesome.

I completely recommend this book. If I had to say anything I didn’t like about it, was that it was too short; however, we seem from the next installment that it’s a four character book, because the next installment is Meghan.

This author is awesome, but it is so strange how she only has a few reviews on Amazon & Goodreads. We sould seriously fix that guys! If you like her books, leave reviews on the sites that you buy them from :)

Claimed by K.R. Smith

Two 1/2 Star Review

Review by Leelia

I truly wanted to rate this book higher. 

There was potential here and I truly hope the author rewrite the basic storyline, because it is very interesting. My biggest issue with wording is I suspect the author is not a US native, no offense intended. Equally, since my mother is diabetics, beer is pretty much a no, and two glasses of oj and a burger would spike the character’s blood sugar, and that is not good. However, I liked the fact that the author wrote about diabetics leading a normal life.

One of my issues with the book, is the fact that;  Jessica talks about her job and how hard she had to work to get there and how much she loves her city life and her job. Yet when Flint comes along, a man whom she's known all of 5 days, she just drops it all to move with him back to Alaska, the place she hates, she even gives up the flippen cat! 

What happened to the self-made Woman???

To top it off; 

Everything else Jessica simply goes with, often saying, "whatever' because Flint says it's okay. The irony of this book; what the hell, Jessica's best friend is a feminist, but everything Jessica does is solely dependent on what Flint wants her to do. It's like once he says something her mind just conforms to it. It was so irritating. 

Dancing in the Moonlight (Harlequin Special Edition) by RaeAnn Thayne

Four Star Review

Review by Katriva Davies

RaeAnne Thayne has written an original tale with well-known overtones. Dancing in the Moonlight is a continuance of her Cold Creek series, and brings us Maggie Cruz - an Army nurse, stationed in Afghanistan.

After receiving a life changing injury, Maggie is forced to return home - a home that is now unfamiliar to her. When she meets Dr. Jake Dalton the story begins to heat up, but many uncertainties remain for Maggie. With her leg now gone - and using a prosthesis - how can he possibly find her attractive, let alone fall in love with her. Maggie believes she will be nothing more than a patient to Dr. Dalton, but as the story unfolds, we learn the strength of human nature, and its willingness to overcome.

This is a heart warming book, which illustrates what true love is. I definitely recommend it. I will tell you this though, almost didn't buy it after reading some of the Amazon reviews. However, I’ve concluded, just like the good gold folks on GoodReads, those who left the nasty one star reviews are either people who don't really like this genre, have no real clue about the effects of a serious trauma on a person or people who look for some reason to leave nasty reviews.

Not to mention, come on people! It’s a Harlequin, what did you flippen expect!!!

Hide in Plain Sight (Love Inspired Suspense) by Marta Perry

Three Star Review
Review by  Selena Bhrams

This had some awesome twists and turns, and the writer Marta Perry keeps you on the edge of your seat. Albeit, set in Amish country, the characters are not Amish. However, there are strong Religious tones throughout the book. The main character's grandmother and younger sister are trying to open a Bed and Breakfast, when the younger sister is involved in a serious accident. The business minded older sister comes to the rescue, but is being stalked and her life threatened. There is also a love interest for the older sister. 

Pretty good read.

The Fallen 1: The Fallen and Leviathan

by  Thomas E. Sniegoski
Three Star Review
Review by Leelia

We got some YA up in hurr!

Lol, so we normally don't review YA, but this book was kinda good, and I just had too.


Aaron Corbet isn’t a bad kid—he’s just a little different. And starting on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Aaron begins to discover supernatural talents. Then he learns the truth about his destiny: He must unite angels, mortals, and Powers both good and evil, some of whom are hell-bent on his destruction....

I've read all four books in the Fallen series and find all the stories engaging and solid. Aaron is the average 17 yr old boy except he's not.... Aaron has never met his birth parents. His mom died during birth and his dad is just another run off dead beat....or is he? Aaron lives with his wonderful foster family that he adores. It is sweet to see how much he cares for them and is autistic little foster brother. His best friend happens to be his dog. ( which just so happens to have the best dialogue in this book) Aaron starts having weird dreams and things happen to him when it all comes crashing down on his 18th birthday. I don't want to spoil anything so I'm going to get on with the review.

The first one is very slow and lengthy. To much filler for a first in a series. The story hits the ground running, you meet a lot of different characters, the book is told in the third person, but doesn't work for this book. You end up reading a lot of segments that you don't care as a reader, so by the time you find yourself building ties to a character it drops off, and your on to someone/someplace new. Unfortunately, it leaves you with a sense of loss, because as soon as you’re vested in a certain character it switches to something else. I had high hopes. Also, this is not a Romance, like the cover of the book infers, which kinda annoyed me a bit. Not so much as a kiss here; so if that is what you are looking for, keep looking.

In the end I have to say I was disappointed, but the author did his job, because he has me wanting to read the next some point.

Hope you liked the new reviews. Remember, comments and suggested reviews are always welcomed.


Good Reads Scandal

As many of you know, there was a big hot mess on GR concerning something my college friend Layla did. This is pretty much an author BEWARE, because they like to rip them to shreds for fun. You can check out the entire thing on and I warn all authors who belong to good reads.

March.2013 Scorching Reviews...

Napoleon's Gift by Alie ( aka: Alexandria) Infante

Five Star Review

Review by Katriva Davies

What can I say about this book, but oooh my God!

Alie, Alie, you have outdone yourself this time!

Benjamin, Geneviève, Marie, and Millie were all dynamic characters, which you just have to love.

The book is set on the French Quarter of New Orleans, and takes place on Haven Plantation. Don't let the plantation aspect fool you, because Geneviève is not a slave, in actually, Mr. Jones, is her father. Benjamin is her childhood friend, and the love of her life, however because of a misunderstanding, they part ways, and don't see each other for another 13 years. I'll stop there, because I don't want to spoil it, but this book was amazing. It was fresh, very history oriented, and  just an over all jem. I would recommend this book to everyone over 18, because it does involve a Bordello, which was just classic, and I completely loved. The love between Benjamin and Ginny alone is epic, because it's been 14 years in the making.

Don't miss out guys, this book is a wonderful read :)

Waiting at Eros by Rosemary Laurey

Two & Half Stars

Review by Sarah Evans


First of all, I found the title & cover of the book very eye-catching, however, it was a bit misleading. It gives the impression that it is a Paranormal, and looks a bit like vampires. However this was my mistake, not the authors, so I didn't take points off for that. It was my bad. 

The women in the story are mostly married, and one actually had a very young child. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, yet the story is a bit confusing, because the author gives absolutely no background on any of the characters. They meet, because each of them has had some kind of interlude with an unknown male character from their past. This is quite a novel idea and concept, and could have made for a very awesome read. Unfortunately, I found the dialogue not very interesting at all.

I felt it contained none of the normals, like;

Conflict. I didn't understand why these women were drawn to meet a man from years ago, because there was no back story. The women don't share their experiences with this elusive male from the past, and I just felt like it would have been more interesting to know the protagonist's identity, then factor in a story line that causes the women to become suspicious or jealous of each other; something they would have been in real life. However, I am not the writer, so that may be a bit rude of me.

Equally, I was a bit put off by the end, because the story shifts abruptly to reveal the "surprise" ending, which I didn't as the reader get. Overall a bit disappointing.

Irresistible Forces by Brenda Jackson

Two Star Review 

Review by Katriva Davies

From the first chapter, I knew how this book was going to end. It was pretty predictable, and I hate to say it, but and bland. The middle of the book really had no story or plot - just sex for a week. Honestly, that became annoying for me after the first few escapades.

The story was very unsurprising and the characters completely unrealistic. I myself have never heard of  a 25 year old with her own wealth management firm? But hey, I guess it could happen. (Napster, Facebook).

However, this is a good vacation/beach read. And unfortunately, not nearly interesting or complex enough to hold my attention if the book was any longer; I am truly sorry to say. 

I usually try to give a book a chance before I rate it, but I barely got halfway through this one. I like Brenda Jackson, and have come to expect a lot from her work, but this one missed the mark for me.

Fatal Destiny by Marie Force

Three Star Review

Review by Leelia

This book was a gift from the author on amazon, so we thought we would review it. I love paranormal, so I just eat up new books, especially free. Fatal series, is clearly a satisfying novella.

However, if you haven't read the series, it can be kind of confusing trying to place the story from just this one book. With so many characters and sub-plots, it was a bit confusing at times even to me, and I've read the series thus far. We at RR believe for the author, it would have been better to concentrate on one strong plot, and the main characters, instead of going in so many directions. This works for some authors, however it takes skills. Not saying that Ms. Force doesn't have them, she certainly does in the prior books, however for this one it just didn't work. Nevertheless, it is well written, the characters are interesting enough, and I appreciate the generosity of the author in giving her readers this free offering.

Ps. Its still free to the fan and readers out there wishing to read it :)

Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee

Two & Half Star Review

Review by Sarah Evans

Unfortunately, I never connected with the characters. Equally, I felt like the characters were a bit unreal. The author didn't explain any background on the wolves, so the reader is left wondering. As well, I found the part about being able to chose, or being forced to become a were confusing. The climatic fight b/t the protagonist & antagonist, was a bit of a let down, and I was surprised it ended in only 2 pgs. 

The attraction b/t the main characters felt empty & rushed. I must say I was disheartened and dismayed by 'Before the Moon Rises'. The plot was predictable, the characters one dimensional, and then story was too short  for my tastes, especially for a paranormal. Also, Janet's decision to go home with her naked patient was scary and unwise. Common sense should prevail at times even in paranormal fiction literature. Albeit, even if we are speaking about "paranormal fiction', this story was unrealistic and promoted sterotypes against blondes, nurses, and single females overall.

Sorry guys, that's my rap of it. :(

Thirst by Orlando Lucian

Two Star Review

Review by  Selena Bhrams

I truly, truly wanted to like this book. The story could have been truly compelling, nevertheless, it had issues. I thought the inscription sweet, however I just had issues with the writing style, the technical issues like spacing, errors, typos, and sentence conjugation and such.

Feb. Raving Reviews....

Cycles of Change by Alexandria Infante

Five Star Review

Review by Many Pierce

Okay, so it seems like forever since Lee would let me do a review on Alexandria, so I've been mopping about. Finally! Lol, I get the chance.

So guys, this book was the shiznet!

I so love this woman's writing, and I'm sure you guys can tell that.

Anyway, we have Arieanna in her normal chaos, however, Dagda, and Seph are thrown in the mix this time.

Sephoroth, the ass that he is, tricks Arieanna, enthralls her, and the chaos just ensues after that. So, in walks Keltic, and yes I spelled it with a K, because the original Druid sect was spelled with a K, as we learned in book 4 in the series. Dagda/Jeff, which is his name on this plane, falls for Arie after he takes her to the hospital. 

Where's Auron in all this?

He's still acting like a tool, from book 8, they have a fight club scene, and I am telling you I loved it!

I don't want to spoil the entire thing for you, so I say, go out and get your copy today, you seriously won't be disappointed!!!! 

This author goes Hard! Lol

The Guardian by Maura McKeely

Review Rating Withheld

Reviewed by Leelia Mendoza

This book started off very interesting, however, it seemed as if the story rushed through the characters. I didn't feel like I got to fully know, or understand them. I also feel like the sexual parts were a bit rushed, in that the characters are at odds with each other.  On one page the Guardian Nick is repulsed by Grace, which is fine if you want that for the main characters, yet the next page has them attracted to each other, which seemed to just come out of nowhere. And by the time the reader gets to the end of that same page, the couple are in a sexual situation, which seemed far fetched, if the main character was repulsed by the h in the first place. I just feel like, this could have been a very awesome read, however the author has some issues with the story that need to be adjusted; which is why we here at RR decided to hold off on the actual star review, because, we feel like the author should be given a chance to fix her faux. :)

Taken by Moonlight by Violette Dubrinsky

Three Star review

Review by Mandy Pierce

I enjoyed this book. The way the author drew me into her world, the characters fresh, so you couldn't help root for them.  

  However, I do have a problem with the characters. I was confused as to why the author, would make the secondary characters more interesting than the main characters Vivien and Cornall. I found them more engaging, actually liked them, and wondered how this happened. I Liked the pace of the book, and the plot was very decent.The pace never slowed, nevertheless, at one point it was difficult to know who the true good guys truly were. It kept me guessing which is good, made it less predictable, and overall it's a good start to what I hope will become a series. There were several story lines left open, so we'll just have to see. :)

Carousel by Alexandria Infante

Four Star Review

Reviewed by Katriva Davies

I truly loved this book. Most of you fans know I don't read Paranormal, however I was nominated this mouth to be the Paranormal eyes and ears so to speak for the month of Feb, so here goes.

I enjoyed this book, and I'm not just saying it, because it falls in line with what the rest of the reviewers on RR say. This book had action, love twists, drama out the wazoo, and the over-all feel of the book just draws you in.

Arieanna, is once again thrown into some shite, and has to use her brains, and wits to come out of it safely. She does it in normal Arieanna style, and the fact that she now has one of the progenitors from the vampire species on her, as my mom used to say, "Like white on Rice," she has to truly decide what she and Auron truly have.

Awesome book guys, and I'm telling you when you buy it, you won't be sorry :)

Midnight & Mayhem by Vevea Lane

Two Star Review

Review by  Selena Brhams

I really wanted to enjoy this book, however it struck me as a little odd. In the spirit of RR, we hold the right not to review a book, if we have a difficult time liking it, because we are not in the business of trashing authors. So here ends the review.

Thanks Guys :)

Updates for November...

So, we're back!!!

This month, we thought we'd feature some Interracial Historicals for you guys to sink your teeth in, as well as or normal first love paranormal. Interracial Romance is hard to find, and Historical is almost next to nil. However, we found some, and though we'd showcase them.

Leeli out! ;)

** 1/2 Stars for Escape by Marie McKinzie

Reviewed by  Selena Brhams

This book didn’t read like I was expecting. 

I wasn’t necessarily expecting a happily ever after, but I was at least expecting some strong romance between the characters, since it was labeled historical romance. 

The two characters didn't seem to have much romantic chemistry between them. I was disappointed, and the repeated use of the N word took me out of the book and I couldn’t enjoy it at all.

** and a 3rd Star review for Something to hide by Sheniqua waters

Reviewed by Mandy pierce

I'm not a historical romances reader, but I was a bit disappointed with this. 

It had action yes, lots of drama, and of course, romance. 

However, I didn’t like how the Hero spoke of blacks. It was that same old “a black wronged me, so they all must be the same. I feel like, we deal with that everyday in life, so why would I want to read about it in something I’m reading to escape everyday life.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t do anything for me. I usually don’t read historical romance, mainly because of this.

As a woman of color, most of the book was difficult to read with the bigoted name-calling, the slave trade, etc. I also feel like, just because it was a part of the time period, doesn’t mean I have to read about it. We all know what happened.

*** 1/2 Star Review for Paradise Found by Crystal Hubbard

Review by Katriva Davies

Alyssa and her mother live in a time when race is blatant, yet her mother looks exotic because she’s Spanish and native American. She's a slave who can’t own the land her husband wants to leave her and his daughter. When Alyssa’s father dies, they’re left vulnerable to Beaux Elysees.

He sends for his brother to take over the land until Marc arrives. Marc and Alyssa’s dad are best friends. Marc has spent most of his life on the open seas, and the idea of having to come home to take over the land is something he dreads.

He doesn’t want the land, because the sea is in his blood. When he meets Alyssa, she makes him an offer to keep her land. She offers to marry him, and which would allow him to return to the sea, and she would keep the land.

He agrees it would be a good idea, but after meeting her, he can't stand the idea of another man touching what he sees as rightfully his. He needs to decide between his ship, or Alyssa. A wonderful historical novel that embraces diversity.

**** 1/2 Star review for A Lad's trousers by Alie Infante

Reviewed by Selena Bhrams

Zayla is a runaway mulatto slave, who dresses herself as a boy to escape. She winds up on a ship as the captain's cabin boy, and the adventure begins.

This book was scorching hot, Christopher made me dream of him, and the chemistry between him and Zayla just sizzled off the page. 

However, what i liked most about the book, was the love affair between Christopher/ Stone and Zayla. This man would do whatever it took to not only protect her, but prove his love to her, even at the behest of his money, family, and an island full of bigoted people.

What also drew me about the book, is although the Civil war is a back drop, the author doesn’t beat us over the head with race, racial slurs, or the civil war itself. I also liked that the women weren’t referred to by the N word throughout the entire book, and although there were some hate fill bigoted people, it wasn’t gratuitous. The book focused on the love between the main characters, and what they would go through to be together.

This to me was romance at its finest, and I give Ms. Infante props for being able to draw the reader into the storyline in a time period that was riddled with racial tension, racial cruelty, and the chaos that it brought to people of color.

Bravo Ms. Infante, this will be one of those books that I will read over and over again!

Paranormals for November...

**** Stars for Bewitching the Werewolf by Carolins Hanson

Reviewed by Leelia Mendoza

I completely loooved this book!

It was charming, witty, funny and a very sexy short.

One of our readers recommended this, and I am absolutely glad I listened to her! I loved it from start to finish. It was funny, entertaining, and downright sexy.

Megan Stephens is a witch who’s been hired by  werewolf alpha, Zackary Connor’s mother, to help him find his mate. His bachelor status has set the entire pack on edge, because if the alpha can’t find his mate, what does that say for the rest of the pack.

The hysterical part is, Megan automatically assumes that it’s a blue pill type problem, grudgingly meets him, and figures all she has to do is find out what turns him on, and she’ll be in and out in no time.

Essentially, just like she assumed, it doesn’t take any time at all, however what Zack realizes, is Megan is the solution to his lil problem.

This was a great paced short story, however I wished it was longer. I’ll definitely have to read her full story Love is Darkness. As well, I loved the dry sarcastic humor.

*** 1/2 Stars for T.C.B.M; the Arvantes by Alexandria Infante

review by Sarah Evans

What can I say about this book, that won’t make me sound giddy...

This book was well written, fresh, smart, romantic, sizzling, and the main characters Emmalinda and Magnus scorched the pages.

This book is from the Teaching between Midnight and dawn series, and since I was a novice, I was elected to review it. 

The premise, Magnus is part of a secret order, but isn’t happy with his life. He wants power, so he casts a spell to a demon, and all hell breaks lose after that.

this book kept me on the edge of my seat, entertained, and I enjoyed the read. However, since I'm not a paranormal person, I was a little distracted by the Demon. It was a lil errie to me, and freaked me out a bit. otherwise, it was a very entertaning read. I look forward to more of Ms. Infante's books, as long as they don't have to do with demons lol. I definitely recommend it, 

**** Four Stars for Sherry's Wolf by Maddy Barone

Reviewed by Mandy Pierce

I really enjoyed this book.

I like the fact that the Native American wolves sounded sooo hot, especially the main character. Equally, i liked the creative backdrop of a nuke fallout, and the fact that the female population is so limited, that men petetion almost, for the hand of a woman. 

Chivalry is alive ladies!

However, what i didn't like, was the fact that the main character was so messed up emotionally, that she almost let this amazing guy silp right through her fingers.

I would totally recommend this book 100%, it was captivating, creative, and an all out good read.

**** Stars for Dark Premonitions by Alexandria Infante

reviewed by Selena Bhrams


That is what I thought of this book!

It rocked, and I couldn’t put it down.

So, most of you know we’re advent readers of Ms. Infante, we just love her books. Not to mention, it is completely awesome, that we can showcase, and feature new Interracial romance writers, especially, because there are so few of them.

That being said, what this woman does is just insane! Now, I really enjoyed books 1-3, but so far, book 4 is the best to me!

The book has to do with Eirnin, Lychelin’s long lost brother. He bites the main female lead character Sabhania by accident, and the shite as the Brits say, hits the fan.

I think what I love most about her books, is they’re fresh, the British slang is insanely funny, and although a paranormal, very emotional. You can feel the love between the characters, even if they are fighting for their lives.

This book is not only sizzling hot, but the scene between Danni and Nia, not only shocked me, but I was like “Oh, My, God” that was fricken hot, and I’m not even gay!

All I can say, is if you haven’t read her books yet, you are seriously missing out. Not to mention, being a woman of color, I want to promote her anyway I can, cuz her stuff is the shiznet.

Please, please don’t miss out. I swear to you, no one out there writes like she does!!!

*** 1/2 Star review for Open Door Invitation by Dee Carney

reviewed by Amanda Pierce

I completely loved it!

Although a short, it kept me completely involved, and I could feel the heat between the characters. 

I don't want to say too much, because after all it is a short, but it was the best short I've read in a long time. 

My only complaint, it wasn't LONG enough :(

 Stars for Big Girls Do it Married by Jasinda Wilder

reviewed by Sarah Evans

A very good read. 


although recommended by our readers, they didn’t tell me it was a series! 

Ugh, so I felt a little lost. 

I have elected to hold off on my review, so I can read the first books. However, what I did read was wonderful

*** Star Review for Once Burned, close to the heat by Dee Carney

review by Lelia Mendoza

This was a sizzling book lol!

I kind of reminded me of Iron Chefs or something, only sexier!

While it isn't a typical Contemporary, is does have some predictable elements to it. However, i did enjoy it, and will be reading more of her books, especially Open Door Invitation.

Keep doin what cha do Dee. we're 100% behind ya!!

Leelia here,

November 15th


I've been running around like a crazy woman!

I know you guys were expecting new Reviews for the end of October, and the beginning of November; but we've been swamped with mid-terms and finals. Since I attend Cal Poly, we're on a quarter system, and it's been hella crazy for the these last weeks.


we have some juicy tid-bits next week, some awesome reviews the week after, and we just can't wait to let you guys in on the news. Just be a lil patient with us, and the rewards will be sweet.

Also, our resident queen of Paranormal round here, Ms. Infante just dropped two new books, and Sarah, Amanda and I can't wait to tell you about them.

Scorching Hot Reviews for October...the witchin hour.... muhahahaha!!

Wildly Inappropriate by Eden Connor

Review by Leelia Mendoza

**** ½ Four & Half Star Review

What can I say that will make you understand how great this book is! 

I swear. 

Most of you readers know, we love us some Alexandria Infante round here. She has two new books this month as well. That being said, although Alie may be the queen here, Ms. Connor is definitely a princess!

I looooved this book. 

I’m not one for Bsmd, but I am telling you, I was shocked that I enjoyed the read. I really liked the interaction between Daniel and Cynda. Moreover, the character play was awesome. 

That first scene caused me to stop and say, “Wait…what?” hahaha! There were some really steamy scenes too, and I absofrickenlutely loved the scene where she thought he was gone, did her lil naughtiness, and he was outside the glass doors! He was awesome.

Nevertheless, there is more to the book, than just the sex. The author takes us on a journey with the two characters, and the love they eventually find. Ms. Connor, you rock! 

And we @ Rad have placed your throne next to Alie's lol, and we will definitely be on the look out for more of your books.

Ps. Mandy, and I literally fought over the review for this book. Moreover, what’s so hysterically funny, Mandy doesn’t even read Contemporary Romance!!!

Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant

Reviewed by  Katrina Davies

*** Three Star Review

This was a very cute read. I loved the characters, and the fact that an African-American hottie could have both brains and beauty. I loved the interface between Veronica (Ronnie) and Victor, and you could just feel the chemistry between them.

That being said, I did have a small problem with grammatical errors. I would really love to see what Ms. Cremant could do if she had a professional editor. The office scene was steller, and I lol she forgot to turn her cell phone off. 

I really enjoyed the book despite the boo-boos, and would recommend it as a totally good read. 

However, I give Ms. Cremant 3 stars because of it. It could easily be a four, if the errors were taken care of, especially for this short of a read.

Before Revenge by Mia Loveless

Review by  Selena Bhrans

** ½ Star Review

Hummm, this was a conundrum to me. I’m torn between the fact that I did like it, but the ending of the book totally pissed me off. I felt like because it was such a short read, to end it like that only served to make me mad.

I liked how the author gives us a bit of history about the vampire clans, the main character, and what she and her husband went through as slaves. However, I was a bit confused in the beginning. This is one of those books, where you have to have a jump start on action, because if you don’t, you’ll lose your readers; and with it being a short you can’t afford to do that.

I really enjoyed the character Selma, she gave a somewhat foreboding aspect to the story, because of what she was, and how she knew exactly what was going on. 

However, I will say I was shocked at the many deaths, and for this being a short read, I didn’t quite understand that; especially the ending.

All in all, I was okay with this one. I may be a lil biased because of the ending. I understand the author probably has a sequel to this book, but I just felt like we were a lil cheated because he was a main character, and the awesomeness she could have attained with this work.

T.M.T.N; kissing cousins...

***** Five Star Review

Review by Amanda Pierce

This book flippen rocked!!!

I am so lovin her! Her books are just getting better.

T.M.T.N kissing cousins is jam packed with extras you didn’t get in the first book T.B.M.D; which we absofrickenlutely loved too. 

Nevertheless, if I had to say, I am telling you this one tops the first by leaps and bounds. As well, the Council finally rears their ugly head, and all bookie fly’s. Jobey’s parents are killed, and she realizes she's linked to the book and her long lost cousin Arieanna, she and Tobey her twin brother never knew even existed.

Saix, omg, what can I say about Saix that will make you understand how delicious this man is. He’s extremely yummy, and I had my own lil set of dreams about him hahaha. 

In book two, you get a better idea of the characters, like sexy liquid sin Sephoroth, awesomely hot Lychelin, and every time I think of Auron, I swear I’m thinking Hugh Jackman. 

You also catch a glimpse of Magnus, the featured warlock from book three. This is a series she’s writing, and I definitely can’t wait to review book three, although Leeli and I are fighting over it too! Lol. 

New update lol. I'm not allowed to read Ms. Infante's next book T.C.B.M the Arvantes for a review, boohoo! Leeli wants Sarah to do it, so you guys get an unbiased review. Sarah hasn't read any of her books yet, so you get a fresh read.

Also, can you believe that's her daughter on the cover? So beautiful.

A Kiss of Ashen: Twilight Ashen

Twilight Series Book One by Rae Lori

review by Sarah Evans

*** Three Star review

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the relations between the characters. And I expect many good things from Ms. Lori. This is one of those books, that once you pick it up, its hard to put down.

However, to every sunny day, there must also be a bit of rain to make things grow. 

That being said, I did feel a little boged down by the Balkan Mountains scene, because it seemed to be a little drawn out. 

On the other hand, I absofrickenlutely loved the scenes in Africa. They were very descriptive, and Ms. Lori actually drew me into the story and it’s world; as well as the fairy world. 

I was a bit upset with the deaths as well, but then this is paranormal and to be expected. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Ms. Lori.

Updates for Aug 2012

Hey All, Leeli here wit some tantalizing updates ;) Aug 25th 2012

Sept 1st 

update update tee-hee. **** Four Stars

Selena gave it a four star review. She absolutly loved it. She also noted that it was condensed, and better edited than the first copy.

Okay, so if you guys are wondering why the Four Star Review for Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn done by Mandy is taken down, we'll give you the scoop tee-hee.

So, apparently, Ms. Infante and her publishing company Eternal Press are in a tat over contracts. She had been signed for the TBMD book, and the A Lad's Trousers, but seems the company has actually been verry verry naughty. There's some discrepencies about their main contract; and their practices for royalties and such are a bit janky. Ms. Infante informed us that they recently parted ways because of it.

I can't go into the details of what she told me ( so not wanting to be sued), but if I were all you new authors out there, I would definitely check Eternal Press out on Piers, and Predators and Editors. 

Anyway, Ms. Infante has elected to publish the book herself, and sent us a new copy of the book. Mandy can't wait to read it, but we thought we'd give you a preview of the new cover. We hope everything works out for her. Make sure you guys check her out tho, her books are awesome. We totally dig her shyznet here as you can see, and we hope someone picks her up, she's an amazing writer.

Leelia out,

for more fresh industry news, become a member, we'd love to have ya!

Hot Reviews for Aug 2012...

**** Four Star Review for Midna's Farie Tale by Alexandria Infante from PpC Publications

Reviewed by Amanda Pierce

Okay, so Ms. Infante is back, and kicking ass once again. Although she tells us that she is no longer with Eternal Press, we think she still has what it takes...

Midna's Farie tale is a collection of twist and turns, Jewish grannies trying to marry off the main characters, southern voodoo, and a hot Faire prince who thinks Midna's the best thing since ice cream; not to mention blended with some hot steamy romance.

I loved this book! it was a really entertaining book, and the characters were well developed, the writing was fresh, funny, and the main character Midna and her illustrious side kick Melissiah keep you laughing throughout the entire book.

I score this book four stars, because i really enjoyed it. The reason it only gets a four and not a five, is because of the ending. I am one of those people who hate cliff hanger endings. I feel like the ending wasn't fully developed, even though there is an excerpt in the back of the book for the next installment. However, that being said, this book still kicked arse!

**** Four Star Review for Fated by Carolyn MCCray

Reviewed by Katrina Davies

Julius Caesar wants to be King, but the people he trust the most want to make sure this doesn't happen. Syra is captured slave, who's then taken to the city she's sworn to destroy...

I love history, so I was pretty much hooked from beginning!

This book has it all, and is an amazing read. A courageous heroine, a sympathetic hero, action, betrayal, love, and a paranormal twist; just there for the taking. I don't normally read paranormal, that's Mandy's job, but when we got this one, I just had to. Great job Ms. MCCray!

Sizzling Reviews for July...

**** Four Star Review for Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla

Review by Leelia Mendoza

I really enjoyed this book. It’s very character driven, and is the second in the series, so you meet some new characters along the way, but you also get to know the old characters as well.

Even though it is a paranormal, the theme of love is a wonderful surprise through out the entire book ( love of every kind :)). However, the ending was bittersweet; it really made me want to know more about the characters, and what lay ahead  for them.

Equally, I liked the character Raif, and the author shows you how much the main character Darian loves him. He’s become like family, and Bonilla refers to him as a brother type love, but if I had to say, I would say more like a brother/ father type figure.

This is a wonderful read.

If I had to say what I didn’t like, it would be the fact that I didn’t read book one. This author came to us through one of our readers, because she loved the book so much. As well, I would have liked to read more about Xander. He is referred to a lot, and has a few scenes, but generally speaking I guess I need to read the first book tee-hee.

Props to you Milly, you were right it was really good.

Moreover, Props to you too Ms. Bonilla, and an awesome job. La Raza mija

**** Four Star Review for Alie Infante for PpC Publications

Reviewed by  Selena Bhrans

This book was amazing, and I just loved it.

The main character Alexandria, takes a teaching position at Saint Stevens, one of NYC's premier Universities; not only to get away from her douche of an ex-boyfriend, but her crazy family.

Well, wouldn't you know it, the minute she meets this insanely hot Greek God Sean Poptoppolous, 

the psycho ex- shows up and wants her back, dead or alive...

Reading this book was a blast. I loved the main character Alexandria, and the interaction between the two main characters. The development of the main character from the docile whatever happens to me in life, happens character, to the strong kick ass female lead is a wonderful surprise. 

This character is done with being a push over, and a victim, and wants to let the world know it.

If I had to say what I didn't like about the book, is that as her usual self, Ms. Infante likes to showcase more than the two main characters, so you have several different stories sometimes going on in the same book. At times for some of us it can be a little overwhelming. 

But I know my colleague Amanda loves it lol.

Ms. Infante has written a number of books, and because we here at Radical specialize in Interracial Romance, she's always a welcomed gem. I believe we actually have two from Ms. Infante this month. 

You go gurl, we love to see it!

As usual, she kept me hanging on by the seat of my pants, and I took the journey with her characters.

I would recommend this book to anyone over coming something as horrific as Domestic violence in their lives, as well as to the reader who wants a thrill ride, and an enjoyable read.

*** Three Star Review for Slightly Sinful (One Reckless Night) by Author Yvette Hines

Review by Sarah Evans

This was a cute Contemporary Romance. I liked the character Delilah, and thought the romance with the main character was especially hot. That being said, I did have a few problems with the book. I felt like some of the scenes were a bit drawn out, so the author lost me for small periods of time; which no author ever wants the reader drawn out of the story. I liked the best friend Pam, but I just felt like something, a little something was missing from the book.


However, if you're at the beach, waiting in line for something, and you have some time to spare; this is the perfect book. It's fun, sexy, and despite some of its hang ups, is essentially a good book ;)

Reviews for June 2012

***** Five Star Review for Fire & Ice by Author Alie Infante from PpC Publications

Reviewed by Katrina Davies

Well, first I'd like to say the author has graced us with another suburb book.

Me personally I love historical romance, and I think it takes an amazing author to weave the then and the now together, then come out with a master piece. I loved this book! It was cute and sweet, but had some really sure fire sexiness to it. I like the character of Finnegan, and the fact that both he and Annica were facing their own personal demons. Being of mixed blood can sometimes leave you wondering, where do I fit in, in life.

The romance between the two characters, was awesome, and was reminiscent of The Last Mohicans; because in the end, he would chuck all of his man dog ways to be everything that she needed in a man.

If I had to say what didn't work for me, it would be the fact that Ms. Infante choose to only make it 15,000 words!

I felt like, just when it was getting good the story ended, and I was thrusting for more. That being said, this is fiction writing at one of its best, and I would encourage everyone to pick this one up. Ms. Infante is an amazing new author, who has her own flava, and brings it into her writing. I give this book Five Stars for originality, creativeness, and the art of true love, no matter what race the characters were!

*** 1/2 Stars Review for  Fifty Shades of Grey...
by British author E. L. James

Reviewed By Selena Bhrans

Okay, so with all of the hoop la about this book, we here at RadicalBook reviews just had to read it lol.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with it. (I won't bore you, just a few)
1. I'm totally not into S&M, so maybe that could be my issue with it.
2. Even though it is S&M, I just kind of felt like Anastasia Steele, could have been a lot stronger in her regular life, and it was just strange for me that she let this guy completely envelope her, where I feel that she actually lost herself.

Fifty Shades of Grey is centered around the relationship between recent college graduate Anastasia Steele,  and billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is required by Grey to sign a contract giving this douche complete and total control over her life. He even has her sign a on-disclosure agreement. 

Now that's all good and fine, but I guess Betty's ugly head rears in me, because I was like seriously?

So, once he learns that she is a virgin( ooooh goodie), Grey agrees to have sex with her in order to prepare her for later encounters, fully intending that the contract would be signed.
However, as she gets to know him, she learns that his sexual tastes involve bondage, domination, sadism, and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual.

Unfortunately, I was done here. I couldn't read anymore, and it just reminded me of Twilight with a different take.

Now, having said that I have no ill will towards E.L James, she's obviously really good at what she does, because just like Stephanie it's selling like hotcakes. I wish her even more success, it's just that it wasn't for me. I like my heroines on the kick ass side. But as far as the writing, I have heard other reviews that said that she couldn't write, but I actually didn't find anything wrong with the writing. It just isn't my cuppa E.L.

Scorching Reviews for May...

**** Four Star Review for Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

review by Selena Bhrans

Okay, so I'm normally not our resident Paranormal junkie, that's Leeli and Amanda, but this came to us from an actual reader, who loved the book so much, that she just wanted to share it.

I thought the title was funny, so that’s what made me want to read it. Happy Hour is a first first-person read, and I really enjoyed Milagro's hilarious way of speaking. The characters is smart, a bit silly at times, and is a serious writer; yet gets distracted by what she calls "fabulous men" lol.

When one of those fabulous men turns out to be a vampire, she bites off a bit more than she can chew.

This book is packed with action, romantic twists and turns, and it kept me turning pages, because I just had to find out what happened next. Not to mention, there are some serious sparks flying between Milagro and the men who pursue her.

What I liked the most about this book is Milagro doesn’t just find a handsome man; she finds a family at last.

Awesome job Ms. Acosta ;)

*** Three Star Review for Blood & Snow by Author RaShelle Workman

Review by Amanda Pierce

I thought putting a vampire twist on Snow White was a great idea. yet, there are the seven dwarfs in the form of seven boys who live next door. That was kinda weird for me, to make them kids.

For such a short novella at 12,000 words I thought the author did a pretty good job, however, it did seem a lil been done sorta thing. However, I plan on reading the next book in the series, to see what the author thinks up next.

**** Four Star Review for Defiant Passion by Anna Markland

Review by Sarah Evans

What a wonderful escape into history. This is the first book I've read by Ms. Markland, and it definitely won't be the last. She is a weaver of spells, and I'm telling you, I was captivated. Not to mention the image of the guy on the cover, automatically puts this hot hero in you head.

I truly enjoyed her intricate story world, and she made me the reader, feel like I was actually a part of it. 

She makes history come to life with fantastic, realistic details, and characters you can't help but love!